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Camcorder Add-on Lenses

Lens filters protect your camera, correct or enhance colors, optimize exposure, and can create a range of exciting effects. Drop in-filters are ideal for use with telephoto lenses because of their larger front elements. Simply insert the drop-in filter into a specialized compartment at the rear of the camera lens and you're ready to shoot. Drop-in filters include circular polarizer filters and ND filters.

Polarizing filters function in the same way as sunglasses. They saturate images, add depth, and reduce reflections and glare, making them ideal for shooting outdoor landscapes, skies, and bodies of water. 

Otherwise known as natural density filters, ND filters reduce the amount of light that passes through the lens while maintaining the natural colors of the image. These features make ND filters an excellent choice when shooting with harsh sunlight or overpowering discharges from your camera flash.

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