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Andbon B-10 Portable Dry Box

LKR 5,900.00
Andbon B-10 Portable Dry Box

Delivery: 3-7 Working Days


-         Holds Photo, Electronic, and Other Gear

-         Renewable Desiccant Humidity Protection

-         Hygrometer Displays Relative Humidity

-         Silent Operation

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Store, transport, and protect your gear from dirt, dust, and moisture with the black Andbon B-10 Portable Dry Box and Rechargeable Dehumidifier. This case is suitable for storing photo, optical, electronic, and other items that require protection from humidity. Included with the case is a small, silent dehumidifier that can be renewed by simply plugging into a wall outlet and waiting for the color indicator to turn from green to orange.

Interior humidity levels may be monitored with the built-in hygrometer. For added protection the case features a weatherproof gasket seal and a manual pressure release valve. Users will appreciate the dual latch closure. Hasps on each latch accept select optional padlocks.

Portable Dry Case

The Andbon Portable Dry Case helps protect your equipment such as lenses, photographic and optical equipment, and mobile electronics from dirt, dust, and moisture. It's a portable, weather-sealed option where you can store your valuables while you're out and about.

Renewable Dehumidifier

The included Renewable Dehumidifier draws away excessive moisture from your gear. It's a small, hand-sized unit which fits in most sealed cases and works without power. This dehumidifier is useful when you need to store gear in conditions such as tropical locales or rain forests.

Status Window

The status window and color guide on the Renewable Dehumidifier show you when it's full of moisture, and when it's ready to use. Pink means it's full and needs to be charged, and blue means it's ready to go.

Silent Operation

The renewable dehumidifier's internal silica gels operate silently and without power. All you have to do is charge the dehumidifier beforehand, and it's ready to work.


The hygrometer measures the water vapor inside the case and displays a range of relative humidity levels. It takes the guesswork out of knowing when to open the case to avoid prematurely exposing the internal air to the external moisture.

Outlet Charging

Charging the Renewable Dehumidifier is easy. Plug the unit into a wall power outlet with the retractable prongs, and when it's ready to use, you can push the prongs in so they won't get damaged. An LED shows when the dehumidifier is receiving power.

Air Valve Equalization

As the relative humidity level decreases, sometimes the internal pressure of the case can increase and make the case hard to open. An air valve equalizes the inside pressure so you can pop the top open.


Two front latches allow you to clamp the lid to the base of the case. And two locking slots (hasps) offer extra security for an optional combination or key lock.

Comfort Handle

Take your renewable and portable dehumidifier with you to your next locale. Pick it up with the ergonomic rubber top handle, and carry your equipment with comfort in hand.


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