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SIRUI IHS Series Dry Cabinet

LKR 80,000.00
SIRUI IHS Series Dry Cabinet

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Product Highlights

-        Protect Items from Dust, Dirt, Humidity

-        Controllable Dehumidifying System

-        Easy-to-Read LCD Screen

-        Passcode-Protected Safe

-        Fingerprint Scanner Access

-        Two Adjustable Shelves

-        6mm-Thick Steel Enclosure and Metal Door

-        116.8 lb Chassis

-        Silent Running, Energy Efficient

-        Low Voltage Notification, Alarm Warning

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A controllable and secure environment for storing your photographic gear and other valuables, the IHS-Series Electronic Humidity Control and Safety Cabinet from Sirui features an automatic dehumidifying system along with a durable, lockable design for long-term safe-keeping of items. A bright LCD screen displays the interior humidity levels along with the interior temperature, in both °F and °C, for quickly monitoring the cabinet's conditions. In addition to offering a safe interior environment, this cabinet also features a passcode-protected locking metal front door, as well as a 6mm-thick cold-rolled steel enclosure, to prevent unwanted entrance or theft. For even more refined security, this model also features a fingerprint scanner for personalizing who has access to the cabinet. This IHS-Series cabinet features adjustable shelves, which can be positioned depending on the size of the items you are storing, and the cabinet is lined with foam to protect items against scratching or impacts. Offering secure and controlled environmental conditions for your delicate valuables, this cabinet helps to prevent theft and eliminate moisture, dust, and dirt for long-term storage of a variety of items.

-        Electronic humidity control system is ideal for long-term storage applications, including protecting valuables, jewelry, lenses, photographic and optical equipment, electronic products, and more.

-        Button control panel allows you to input specific interior conditions for storage.

-        Easy-to-read LCD screen displays percentage of humidity as well as interior temperature in °F/°C.

-        Electronic passcode keyboard allows the use of codes up to 12 digits long. Additionally, this model also features a fingerprint scanner, which can store up to 100 unique fingerprints for greater security as to who can open the cabinet.

-        Integrated passcode memory prevents the need to reset the code if power is lost.

-        Passcode entry is prompted by display and confirmation tone, and a loud, >90 dB alarm warning signal can be used to deter theft.

-        Two adjustable shelves can be positioned depending on the size of the items being stored.

-        Foam lined interior for added protection when storing delicate items.

-        Durable cabinet enclosure is constructed from welded 6mm-thick cold-rolled steel.

-        Air-tight seal prevents dust or moisture from entering the cabinet.

-        Control system will maintain the relative humidity level for up to 24 hours after the power is shut off.

-        Dehumidifying system quickly controls humidity and temperature levels, is energy efficient, and silent running.


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