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Field Accessories

As a photographer, you see the world with an eye for detail. You need to keep photography lenses sharp—with lens and optics cleaning supplies, as well as with effective storage solutions. Care for your camera by taking the big picture of maintenance, which emphasizes minimal contact with the lens. You can achieve this proactively with the right lens cleaning equipment, and passively through proper lens storage. Proactive methods involve low-impact interactive cleaning of the lens with products in a camera lens cleaning kit. Protective lens measures include storage bags and cases for the camera and lenses, physical cleaning of the camera body, and constant use of lens caps.

How to Clean a Camera Lens

Continual care is needed to keep your photography equipment at its peak. After each session, clean the body and the lens frame with a soft-bristled camel hairbrush to release any particles that entered the area. Every field photographer needs a blower bulb as part of a camera lens cleaning kit. One squeeze around the outer lens frame blows away any minute particles of debris, such as sand or dirt. When you need to erase a smudge, a camera lens cleaning kit with items such as an optical cleaning cloth and a bottle of lens cleaning solution can do the job. A microfiber cloth and spray are superior to your shirt sleeve and tap water, which may contain contaminants that scratch the glass. If needed, use quality Spudz, Carson, or Zeiss lens cleaning supplies, too, such as a lens pen, to blot out stubborn oil spots.

If you need a quick clean on the go, disposable lens cleaning wipes are perfect for the job, and take up little storage space. A light rub of the moist towelettes containing a lens cleaning fluid does the job well. For a cleaning option light on both your bag and wallet, try lint-free dry cleaning pads that offer a fresh-looking lens with a simple swipe.

Keeping a Camera Lens Clean

The best way to keep your lens clean is with lens caps. While it's easy to forget to replace the cap after a successful shoot, doing so protects an inactive lens from accidental damage and hairline scratches from the elements.

Care for the tools of your trade by getting some good gear to protect them. Give your camera lenses a home in sturdy lens cases with well-lined compartments suitable for storing separate items. If you work outdoors, consider using lens skins and covers, which guard against damage from water and extreme temperatures.

Knowing how to clean your camera lens involves thinking about the total health of your camera. With proper storage and wise use of lens and optics cleaning supplies, you can extend the life of your lens and be ready to take any shot. For popular cleaning products for your camera, check out the selection at CameraLK Photo and Video.

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