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Why rent with us?

Special Events

Sometimes a situation calls for a very particular product that you probably won’t use that often, and it doesn’t make sense to buy. You may want to shoot a sporting event but can’t justify the price of a 300mm f/2.8 lens for just one event. We offer a vast selection of rental lenses for just that situation, so renting just makes sense.

Try Before you Buy

Maybe you are thinking of upgrading from your cell phone to a DSLR and aren’t sure what camera is right for you? Daily rental options allow you to test-drive the camera you’re thinking of purchasing. Buying a new camera can be expensive so you want to make the right choice. CameraLK Rentals is here to help with your decision.

Event Photography

Getting started with event photography? A backup camera is a must. Until you begin making money from your events to buy that second camera you can use CameraLK Rentals to make sure you never miss a shot.

Last Minute Breakdown

What happens if your camera decides to break down a couple days before your kid’s big birthday party? Even though CameraLK Repairs will make sure to get your camera back in working order, it still takes a little time to get the parts. Rent a camera from CameraLK Rentals to make sure you don’t miss the moment she blows out those birthday candles.

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