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Monopod With Head

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Sirui Aluminum 4 Section Monopod with Feet and VA5 Head

SKU #104835 Model P204SR-VA5

Key Features

  • Monopod with Standing Base/Mini Tripod
  • Standing Base Allows Swivel, Tilt
  • Swivel 360°, Tilt 20°
  • Load Capacity: 17.6 lb
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Monopod With Head

Monopods provide cameras with assistance and help photographers stabilize their shots. They also help take the weight off long lenses and bulky cameras. After long shooting sessions, this advantage reduces exhaustion.

What is a monopod camera? 

Often referred to as a unipod, a collapsible pole is also this one-legged support. By removing vertical motion, this imaging accessory steadies a mounted camera. Leaning it against stable surfaces, such as a wall, transforms the single-leg pole into an improvised bipod that dampens the horizontal axis shakiness as well. It removes blurry images by stabilizing cameras in this way.

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