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Shopping for Camera Accessories

Photography accessories for your digital camera range from the technical to the purely practical. Accessories include remote controls, screen and viewfinder products, system enhancements, and other items like light meters, mount adapters, photo clothing and more.

Benefits of Remote Controls

You may want to take a group shot with you in it, or get out of sight to take a photo of a skittish animal. Having a camera remote control allows you to do these things and more, by triggering your camera's shutter. Use a cable that connects the device to the camera if you prefer simplicity. Connect wirelessly using an infrared beam or radio frequency connection if you like untethered operation. When choosing the infrared route, be sure no people or objects get between the receiver and transmitter, as it could interfere with the process.

Viewfinder DSLR Accessories

Improve the work of your viewfinder with camera LCD and viewfinder accessories. Use specialized eyecups or eye pieces to narrow your field of vision, sealing out ambient light and helping you focus on your subject. Some of these eye pieces even magnify your view, helping you frame your picture. In addition, eyecups also save your eyes from fatigue, especially during an all-day shoot.

Use camera screen protectors to help safeguard your equipment from scratches, dirt, and debris, and invest in hoods and shades to make it more comfortable to view the screen.

System Photography Accessories

You may want some specialized accessories to add to your camera system. Critical accessories include camera cables and file transfer related items that can help save, store, and share your work. Should you want narration for your films, you can attach a microphone to your camera. Grips provide stability when shooting, so your images remain clear. Geotagging equipment embeds or transmits location information which you can use later to organize your work.

Photo Accessories and Photography Aids

Light and color are pivotal to producing a great picture. Use light meters to tell you about the intensity of your lighting, and use color checking and balancing cards to assist with color. Other accessories include focusing systems and mounts for adapters, and gloves with tips that open to allow for more control when operating equipment in difficult conditions.

Camera accessories are meant to improve your image quality and make shooting easier. Identify what key accessories are missing from your bag, and then check out CameraLK's full line of accessories. Keep in mind that many camera attachments are made for specific brands of equipment.