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Hello there, we are about to tell you a story, a story about how one man built a kingdom named CameraLK. If you think the journey of Frodo is cool wait till you hear this because it’s not a fantasy it’s a real-life journey. A voyage through lots of storms that withstood all of them. 10 years ago, when WhatsApp was just another app and Instagram didn’t even exist, a man named Anushka Gunasinghe decided to embark on a journey in one of the most colorful forms of art, photography. At first this was just a hobby for him after ending secondary education but then he decided to become a freelance photographer. Maybe it was fate that directed him in this path because the base for CameraLK was laid following a simple request by his colleagues to bring few camera equipment from Singapore. Then onwards he began a small pre-order business with the main media of promotion being Facebook. That was the initial step of the kingdom named CameraLK.

2011 was a special year in this journey as we opened our first CameraLK showroom near Nugegoda KFC. With a space of 200sqft Anushka Gunasinghe was the sole employee. Day by day our employee base further strengthened as the number rose to 6 in 2013. That’s where we unlocked our next achievement, a full-fledged showroom in Kirulapone to meet the requirement of our loyal customers. Then came 2014, the year which Sri Lankans saw the official launch of the first ever camera equipment retail website in the island. Showroom checked, website checked, what’s next? Next was the passing of all the knowledge we gathered in this journey of photography to anyone who has the dream of being a photographer. CameraLK photography academy became the ideal place for upcoming photographers to learn the purest form of art. With the latest technology and best teachers in the island we even facilitated every student with a high-quality camera for the entire course. We produce around 500 new photographers to the country every year, who are well equipped with the best knowledge possible about the industry. To make it even special we also conduct workshops throughout the island and overseas as well.

Expansion of our kingdom was the next target in our bucket list and we did just that in 2016 by opening our brand-new branch in Kandy. We didn’t stop with that in 2016, establishment of the largest service center in South East Asia that repaired almost all kinds of camera equipment provided us a huge boost and a lot of praise from our valued customers. At our service center we deliver you high class services as we possess the most talented and knowledgeable technicians. Step by step we reached the highest echelons possible in the industry and the next step was the most vital one of them all. The largest multi-brand showroom in South East Asia was opened in 2017 with space over 6000sqft that’s 30 times more than where we started. World renowned brands like Sony, Sigma, Canon, Nikon, Tamron, Boya, DJI the list goes on and on so I’m going to stop here, we have all of these brands and much more. As we were blossoming on top by reaching the peak of our success with 100% increase of sales in 2017, we reached new heights with the groundbreaking achievement of being the official Sony distributor. As our success rate continued to skyrocket Sony collaborated with us and invested to open the largest Sony showroom in South East Asia.

After back to back years of continuous success we expanded our Kandy showroom with the newest facilities and kicked off an academy in the hill country as well owing to its success in Colombo. Our twin towers Kirulapone and Kandy showrooms were joined by another showroom in Majestic City thus making it a powerful trident in 2018. As a brand filled with humbleness and gratitude, we know giving something back is a part of our job. That’s why we allocate an annual fund towards charity and CSR projects. We talk about all these things with pride because these are not just words coming out of us to narrate a glorious story, these are true facts that the whole world can see with their very own eyes. Fast forward 10 years from 2010, here we are a full-fledged kingdom, a brand name known by millions or even billions. One man’s journey, his desire and his passion backed up by a loyal set of employees and a valued customer base is ruling the photography industry in Sri Lanka and South East Asia. Led by the trident of showrooms we continue to evolve with the newest trends and provide you the best customer experience in every way possible. We are CameraLK , the one-stop shop for all your photographic needs. Our story has just started and there are so many chapters to be written, so we invite all of you to be a part of this fantastic journey.