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BOYA BY-BM3032 Camera-Mount Supercardioid Shotgun Microphone

SKU #108506 Model BY-BM3032

Key Features

  • For DSLR/Mirrorless Cameras, Camcorders
  • Lightweight ABS Plastic Construction
  • Integrated Shockmount, High-Pass Filter
  • 3-Level Volume Control
In Stock

BOYA BY-WM4 PRO K2 Dual-Channel Digital Wireless Microphone (2-Transmitter , 1 Receiver)

SKU #108491 Model BY-WM4 PRO K2

Key Features

  • Digital 2.4 GHz Frequency Band
  • Compatible with smartphones, DSLR cameras, consumer camcorders, PCs etc
  • Headphone connector for real-time monitor
  • Super-clear recording sound
In Stock

BOYA BY-DM10 Lavalier Microphone for IOS and PC

SKU #108483 Model BOBYDM10UC

Key Features

  • metel finish
  • lightning connection
In Stock

BOYA BY-DM100 USB Type-C Digital Stereo Microphone

SKU #108482 Model BY-DM100

Key Features

In Stock

BOYA BY-MM1 Mini Cardioid Condenser Microphone

SKU #103881 Model BY-MM1

Key Features

  • Compact On-Camera Microphone
  • For Smartphones, DSLRs, and Camcorders
  • Plug-and-Play Design
  • Lightweight Aluminum Design
In Stock

BOYA BY-WM8 Pro-Kit 1 UHF Dual-Channel Wireless Lavalier System (A: 556.7 to 575.9 MHz)

SKU #103891 Model BY-WM6-II

Key Features

  • Dual-Channel Wireless Receiver
  • 1 x Wireless Bodypack Transmitter
  • 48 Selectable UHF Channels
  • 1 x Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone
In Stock

BOYA BY-BM3030 On-camera Shotgun Condenser Microphone

SKU #103883 Model BY-BM3030

Key Features

  • Studio-Quality Condenser Microphone
  • Supercardioid Polar Pattern
  • Integrated Shockmount
  • Lightweight, Easy to Use
In Stock

BOYA BY-WHM8 Pro Cardioid Wireless Transmitter/Handheld Microphone (556 to 595 MHz)

SKU #108501 Model BY-WHM8 PRO

Key Features

  • Works with RX8 Pro/SP-RX8 Pro Receivers
  • Cardioid Pickup Pattern
  • 48 Switchable Frequencies
  • Operates on Two AA Batteries
In Stock

BOYA BY-M17R Camera-Mount Supercardioid Shotgun Microphone

SKU #108518 Model BY-M17R

Key Features

  • For DSLR/Mirrorless Cameras, Camcorders
  • Lightweight ABS Plastic Construction
  • Runs for 50 Hours on Single AAA Battery
  • Integrated Shockmount
In Stock

BOYA BY-WM4 PRO-K4 Two-Person Digital Wireless Omni Lavalier Microphone System for Lightning iOS Devices (2.4 GHz)

SKU #108534 Model BY-WM4 PRO-K4

Key Features

  • For Video, Vlogging, YouTube, Instagram
  • 2 x Omni Lavalier Mics
  • Compact Dual-Channel Receiver
  • 2 x Bodypack Transmitters
In Stock


About Boya

Boya is registered and owned by Shenzhen Jiayz Photo Industrial., Ltd. A high-quality condenser microphones brand therefore is a well-known manufacturer of electro-acoustic products. Company has a central laboratory, electro-acoustic research and development institutions therefore covering all kinds of microphones in every area.

They are engaged in two major categories of business. They are photographic audio peripherals and the digital peripherals. BOYA has dozens of Microphones, firstly for GoPro then Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax, Panasonic, Samsung, Lycra and other international brands of digital SLR cameras and Camcorders, and also for Iphone, Ipad, and Ipod touch.

Each of their products contains true passion and know-how for an excellent sound experience therefore is the first choice for studio, interview, advertising, ENG, photography enthusiasts and reporters.

Available for brands 

  • GoPro
  • Nikon
  • Canon
  • Sony
  • Olympus
  • Pentax
  • Panasonic
  • Samsung, Lycra

Key details of Boya

  • Boya started in 2007, located in Guanlan Silicon Valley, Shenzhen City, near to HK, which covers more than 6000 square meters.
  • Boya is a leading company in China who specialized in microphones for DSLR Cameras, Camcorders, Audio recorders etc.
  • They highly pay attention to the quality and R&D as a result have many advanced equipments and several international standard laboratories.
  • The brand more than 200 well-trained staff and no less than 20 engineers. 

CameraLK & Boya

CameraLK are Authorised dealers for boya microphones in Sri Lanka. For any of your work which requires a microphone this is the brand to go for. Whether it's an android device or an ios device or even if it's a camera, you can find microphones at CameraLK. In conclusion as many copied products are in the market today make sure to visit our showroom to find the highest quality product.

Uses of the brand

  • Interviews
  • Vlogs
  • Online tuitions
  • Online meetings 

If you are searching for a high quality microphone firstly make sure to visit our website. Secondly if you need any more help contact us. 

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