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Insta360 GO 2 Action Camera

SKU #000800 Model CING2XX/A UPC #842126102011

Key Features

  • Miniature 3K Action Camera
  • Up to 2560 x 1440 Video and 9MP Photos
  • FlowState 6-Axis Gyro Stabilization
  • Up to 1080p120 Slow-Motion Video
Out Of Stock

Insta360 ONE RS Twin Edition Camera

SKU #000801 Model CINRSGP/A

Key Features

  • Modular Action Cam & 360 Camera System
  • 5.7K30 Video, 18MP Photos with 360 Lens
  • 21% More Battery Capacity than ONE R
  • 4K Lens: 4K60 Video, 48MP Photos
Out Of Stock

Insta360 X3 360° Camera

SKU #101720 Model CINSAAQ/B

Key Features

  • Dual-Mode 360 & Standard Pocket Camera
  • 1/2" Sensor, 72MP 360° Photos
  • 4K Single-Lens Standard Camera Mode
  • 5.7K Dual-Lens 360 Auto-Stitched Capture
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Beginning of Insta360

Insta360 CEO JK Liu (刘靖康) met his co-founders while studying computer science at Nanjing University. Liu recognized the potential of 360 when he attended a music concert. As a result he wanted to develop products to record and share such powerfully moving events.

Liu's first product was a smartphone app for live streaming. But he quickly expanded the firm's product portfolio by developing an accessory to turn a smartphone into a 360-degree camera.

After graduating, Liu and his team moved to Shenzhen and founded the brand in 2015. As a result they began developing and manufacturing 360-degree cameras as they found the current market standard did not fulfill their needs. Insta360 later began to recognise the benefits of 360 video go far beyond standard 360 video. Therefore they began pioneering a new type of action camera. A 360 action camera that uses 360 video as a tool to create traditional flat framed content. This was with the first in the ONE series. 


Since then, Insta360 has also opened offices in Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Berlin and it hosts 500 employees globally.

In 2020, Insta360 entered a strategic partnership with Leica to help produce the ONE R 1-Inch Edition. Since then, ONE R has been recognised as one of TIME magazine's best inventions of 2020. A recent milestone for the company was Apple hosting Insta360 cameras in stores. 

NASA used Insta360 Pro and Pro 2 to live stream the landing of the InSight Mars Lander from mission control in 2018, winning an Emmy for the project. In 2021, NASA again used Pro 2 to live stream from mission control when the Perseverance rover landed on Mars.

CameraLK & the Brand 

As the authorised dealers of the brand in Sri Lanka, we have all the latest action camera models and accessories. To get the best quality products from the brand make sure to visit anyone of our 3 showrooms. 

Available models at CameraLK 

  • One X2
  • One R 
  • Go
  • Go 2 
  • One X 
  • One R Twin Edition 

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