Leica Introduces the S3 Medium Format DSLR Camera

Created : 2020-Mar-11  |  Updated : 2020-Mar-11

Long awaited and highly anticipated, Leica has, at last, formally announced the S3 Medium Format DSLR camera. Originally unveiled at Photokina 2018, this camera has been on the minds of medium format traditionalists for a while. Bucking the trend of new medium format cameras going the mirrorless route, Leica is sticking with the tried-and-true DSLR design, and keeping compatibility with its lineup of excellent S-System lenses. Bringing the system up to date, though, the S3 sports a new sensor, improved video capabilities, and similar wireless connectivity to what's been popping up in its M-mount rangefinders currently. In a very Leica way, the S3 looks to be a camera firmly rooted in tradition and heritage, but features some critical tweaks just to keep everyone on their toes.

The most important update the S3 brings is its inclusion of a new 64MP CMOS sensor. It's the same 30 x 45mm "Leica ProFormat" size as previous S cameras, but the heightened resolution should reap even more benefits from the excellent lenses. Along with greater resolution, the new sensor also has expanded sensitivity, from ISO 100-50000, to suit working in low light, and it can shoot at up to 3 fps, although I think most people won't be focusing on using this camera for moving subjects. As a DSLR, it also incorporates a predictive TTL phase-detection autofocus system, which uses a central cross-type point for quick and accurate focusing performance.