K&F 15 in 1 Camera Cleaning Kit
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K&F 15 in 1 Camera Cleaning Kit
K&F 15 in 1 Camera Cleaning Kit
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Key Features

  • Soft Brush
  • Carbon Head

Incluldes sensor cleaner*1, camera blower*1, lens pen*1, microfiber cloths*2, glasses wipes*10. It's also the perfect solution for cleaning laptops, computers, and electronics.

Specially formulated to protect and clean all lens types. Ammonia Free, Toxic Free, and has low VOC. Safe for cleaning lenses with anti-reflective coating, sunglass, binoculars, or camera.

The fine & soft lens brush is excellent for cleaning in hard-to-reach areas, such as gaps around the lens and rims of filters.

The lens cleaning pen and air blower quickly remove dust and debris. Simply spray the sensor cleaner onto the microfiber cloth, then wipe the screen for a spotless, streak-free finish.

This sensor cleaning kit is safe for all electronics, coated lenses and sensors. Easily clean laptops, computers, keyboards, and LCD screen surfaces.

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In Stock
Rs 6000 .00


  • camera lens cleaning kitK&F CONCEPT IS REBRANDING NOW
  • K&F CONCEPT had a delicated engineer team to oversee and improve the consumer experience.
  • K&F CONCEPT has earned more than 150+ patents and international awards.
  • K&F CONCEPT can be found in 1200+ online and offline retailers in 56 countries and rejions with a client base of 20 million consumers.
  • We do believe that the right equipment would help you to achieve your own expression.
  • mirrorless camera cleaning kit10x Cleaning Wipes;
  • 2x Vacuum Packed Cleaning Cloths;
  • 1x Multifunctional Lens Cleaning Pen;
  • 1x Air blower;
  • 1x Lens Cleaning Fluid 15ml;

lens pen cleaning pen Soft Brush

  • To remove dust from particles and dirt.

Carbon Head

  • To remove fingerprints without affecting the anti-reflective coating on the lens.
  • aps-c sensor cleaner kitMade of environmental materials, without affecting lenses
  • A must for camera owners: beautiful cleaning of lenses, filters, glass, etc.
  • Exact removal of dust, coarse, residue and particles from the camera and lenses by lightly pumping the bellows

sensor cleaning kit1. The imported optical microfiber cleaning cloth is used to ensure that the coating of optical instruments such as lenses/filters will not be hurt, and the dust will not fall off to prevent secondary pollution;

2. Small vacuum packaging, portable, clean and sanitary;

3. Laser fuse, tight edge sealing, no dusting;

4.150 * 150mm size cleaning cloth, delicate texture, soft and lint-free, can be washed and reused;

5. Large dense contact surface, strong dirt adsorption.

6. Multi-use: Extremely Gentle fine microfibre safe for all surfaces and lenses such as Glasses, Spectacles, Cameras, iPad, iPhone, Tablets, Cell Phones, LCD Screens, Silverware and Other Delicate Surfaces.

  • full frame sensor cleaning kit
  • Steps for cleaning lenses with air blower + brush + carbon head + cleaning liquid + cleaning cloth
  1. Remove particles with air blowing.
  2. Use the brush to remove the dust on the surface of the lens.
  3. Use the carbon head to fundamentally remove stubborn dirt.
  4. Spray a small amount of cleaning solution onto the cleaning cloth for better cleaning. ( Note: Don't drip too much cleaning fluid).
  5. Clean the lens with a cleaning cloth and wipe gently, Microfiber cleaning cloth is reusable.

K&F 15 in 1 Camera Cleaning Kit

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