5 Tips for Digital Marketing for Photography !

5 Tips with Bhanuka Harischandra !

Digital Marketing is a fast growing industry in Sri Lanka. With the world going into a complete digital age this has become an important factor not only for photographers but for anyone in any industry. Knowing the art of reaching to your customers digitally will be one of the key features of a marketer in the years to come. So since many of you are interested in this topic we decided to invite Bhanuka Harischandra who has achieved so much in this field at a very young age. His very own company named Surge Global works with some of the Fortune 500 companies and he rose to further stardom when he was named in the Forbes Top 30 under 30. So join with us tonight on the Latest episode of 5 Tips with Noeline as Bhanuka shares 5 priceless Tips for Digital Marketing.