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SKU #101570 Model CP.ZM.000497

Key Features

  • 20MP 1" Sensor / 4K at 60 fps
  • 8.8mm / f/2.8-11 84° FOV
  • Maximum ISO of 12,800
  • 11.6 Stops of Dynamic Range
Rs 59900.00
Rs 188000
You save Rs 128100
In Stock

Ryze Tech Quick Release Propellers for Tello Drones

SKU #101603 Model CP.TL.00000051.01 UPC #190021333963

Key Features

  • 4 x Propellers
  • Quick Release Design
In Stock

Ryze Tech Battery for Tello

SKU #101606 Model CP.PT.00000213.01 UPC #190021309005
Out of stock

DJI Wireless Thumb Controller for Ronin-M

SKU #101646 Model CP.ZM.000174.02 UPC #190021000117

Key Features

  • Operate with Just Your Thumb
  • Manually Adjust Camera Angle
  • Clamps Onto Handle for Single-Operator
  • Works Wirelessly Up to 200'
Rs 25500.00
Rs 55500
You save Rs 30000
In Stock

DJI TB50 Intelligent Flight Battery for Inspire 2 Quadcopter / Ronin 2 Gimbal

SKU #101536 Model CP.BX.000202 UPC #190021286375

Key Features

  • Replacement Battery for Inspire 2 Quad
  • Compatible with Ronin 2 Gimbal
  • 4280mAh Capacity
  • Yields up to 27 Minutes of Flight Time
In Stock

DJI RSC 2 Gimbal Stabilizer Pro Combo

SKU #000711 Model CP.RN.00000124.01 UPC #190021028678

Key Features

  • RSC 2 + 1080p Transmitter, Servo & More
  • 6.6 lb Payload for Camera & Accessories
  • Designed for Mirrorless & DSLR Cameras
  • Foldable into Underslung Mode
Out of stock

DJI RSC 2 Gimbal Stabilizer

SKU #000706 Model CP.RN.00000121.01 UPC #190021028661

Key Features

  • Designed for Mirrorless & DSLR Cameras
  • 6.6 lb Payload for Camera & Accessories
  • Foldable into Underslung Mode
  • 1" OLED Screen
Out of stock

DJI Ronin-S BG37 Grip

SKU #000684 Model CP.RN.00000004.01 UPC #190021319462

Key Features

  • Replacement Handgrip for Ronin-S Gimbal
  • 2400mAh Built-In Battery
Rs 12500.00
Rs 19500
You save Rs 7000
In Stock

DJI Ronin-S

SKU #101632 Model MFR #CP.ZM.00000103.02 UPC #190021317420

Key Features

  • Three-Axis Motorized Gimbal Stabilizer
  • Holds DSLR or Mirrorless Cameras
  • Trigger and Mode Buttons for Control
  • Eight-Pound Payload Capacity
Out of stock

DJI RoboMaster S1 Educational Robot

SKU #000620 Model MFR #CP.RM.00000103.01 UPC #190021334090

Key Features

  • Learn Programming Concepts
  • Supports Scratch 3.0 & Python
  • Expand Robotics & Technical Knowledge
  • Project-Based Courses & Video Tutorials
In Stock


Creativity is at the heart of every dream. Every idea, every groundbreaking leap that changes our world starts with the vision of talented creators. At DJI, we give these creators the tools they need to bring their ideas to life. Our platforms empower them to capture images that were once out of reach. Our flying and camera stabilization systems redefine camera placement and motion. Amazing photos and video, treasured personal memories, and high-end professional imagery are captured every day, in every corner of the world using DJI products.

We do this through an unparalleled commitment to R&D, a culture of constant innovation and curiosity, and a focus on transforming complex technology into easy-to-use devices. Building on the ethos of “form follows function,” our products combine advanced technology with dynamic designs.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, widely considered China’s Silicon Valley, DJI benefits from direct access to the suppliers, raw materials, and young, creative talent pool necessary for sustained success. Drawing on these resources, we have grown from a single small office in 2006 to a global workforce. Our offices can now be found in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. As a privately owned and operated company, DJI focuses on our own vision, supporting creative, commercial, and nonprofit applications of our technology. Today, DJI products are redefining industries. Professionals in filmmaking, agriculture, conservation, search and rescue, energy infrastructure, and more trust DJI to bring new perspectives to their work and help them accomplish feats safer, faster, and with greater efficiency than ever before.

Established to produce DJI’s innovative products safely and responsibly, our wholly owned subsidiary Shenzhen Dajiang Baiwang Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech manufacturing facility specializing in unmanned aerial vehicles. In 2016, Dajiang Baiwang passed the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification and in 2017 passed the SGS ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Certification.

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