DJI - Introducing DJI RS 2

Created : 2020-Oct-17  |  Updated : 2020-Oct-17

Meet DJI RS 2, an unparalleled solution for dynamic cinematography. Industry-leading camera stabilization is more accessible than ever thanks to a 4.5kg tested payload, a 1.4-inch full-color touchscreen, and a carbon fiber construction that puts RS 2 at just 1.3 kg. With countless creative features, extensive camera compatibility, and a rich ecosystem of accessories, get ready to turn your visual possibilities into cinematic reality.

Designed with mobile video shoots in mind, DJI has introduced the lightweight and durable DJI RS 2 handheld gimbal stabilizer that features feather-light carbon fiber axis arms, ActiveTrack 3.0 support, a full-color touchscreen LCD, numerous mounting options, enhanced balancing, fast-charge batteries, camera control, and DJI's Titan Stabilization Algorithm with SuperSmooth torque enhancements. DJI has also released the RSC 2, an alternative compact gimbal stabilizer with similar specs to the RS 2 but with a more compact, foldable design and motors that are 50% more powerful than the Ronin-SC model. Both gimbals can also be found in RS 2 Pro Combo and RSC 2 Pro Combo kits that include additional accessories. Use these latest single-handed gimbals from stabilizer mainstay DJI to add dynamic, masterful traveling shots to your footage.

RS 2

Designed with a high payload-to-weight ratio, the RS 2 employs carbon fiber axis arms and weighs only 2.2 lb while supporting camera rigs weighing up to 10 lb. This improved ratio lets you shoot longer with less fatigue and make use of heavier cameras and/or lenses. The strength of the motor has been enhanced around 20% over the Ronin-S and it supports cameras and professional lenses such as the Sony a7S III with a 24-70mm f/2.8 GM lens, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6K with a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens, the Canon 1D X Mark III with a 24-70mm lens, and the ALEXA Mini LF with a 35mm lens.

Speed and ease of use are key when setting up your shots, and the RS 2's 1.4" color touchscreen LCD helps with both by providing access to built-in functions like time-lapse and hyperlapse that previously required the DJI mobile app. ActiveTrack 3.0 is also supported to track your subjects accurately, and new features include a SuperSmooth mode, which compensates for micro-movements with increased torque, producing even more fluid motion with lenses up to 100mm. The touchscreen can also be used for a live video preview with the optional RavenEye system, as well as to utilize ActiveTrack right on the gimbal's screen.

The optional iOS/Android app can also be used for all these features, as well as to utilize Force Mobile, a feature that allows the gimbal to follow the movements of your smartphone.

Accessories can be quickly and easily attached, thanks to RSA ports with NATO rail mounts, one on each side of the gimbal. These ports feature electrical contacts, as well as a secure mount, allowing you to add accessories such as a focus wheel, mounting arms, handles, or other optional mounts. The RS 2 supports camera rigs up to 10 lb, which is an improvement over the 8 lb limit of the Ronin-S. Social media mavens will appreciate the RS 2's ability to switch quickly to portrait mode, available by pressing a dedicated button. What does remain the same from earlier iterations is up to a 12-hour run time, but from a smaller battery in a shorter handgrip and with PD and QC 2.0 fast charging supported.

RS 2 Pro Combo

When you're ready to add even more pro-style bells and whistles, try the RS 2 Pro Combo kit that includes the aforementioned RavenEye Image Transmission system, which allows wireless 1080p video transmission from the gimbal up to 330' away, with a latency of only 50 ms to enhance your collaboration using smartphones for monitoring your shots. The other included accessories in the combo are a focus motor, a phone holder, two focus gears, and HDMI cables to get you set up right out of the box.


For an even smaller and lighter option, the RSC 2 is a great choice for vloggers and mobile productions when you need to move fast, break down even faster, and you don't want to carry a whole lot of equipment. The RSC 2 weighs only 2.6 lb and it folds down. Its features are similar to the RS 2, such as optional ActiveTrack 3.0, portrait-to-landscape one-touch fast switching, camera focus and shutter control, and the Titan Stabilization Algorithm with SuperSmooth. Its motors are 50% more powerful than the ones on the Ronin-SC, and they also provide smoother, steadier movements.

The gimbal's bright 1" OLED screen allows you to control settings and configuration using the built-in front dial. It supports the optional RavenEye system that allows you to transmit a video preview to a smartphone app. Its battery lasts a whopping 14 hours, and it is also compatible with USB Type-C fast PD and QC 2.0 charging. The gimbal offers NATO rails and 1/4"-20 threads with ARRI-style anti-twist mounts to provide mounting options for a variety of accessories.

RSC 2 Pro Combo

Similar to the RS 2 kit, the RSC 2 Pro Combo kit includes the RavenEye Image Transmission System, a focus motor, a phone holder, two focus gears, and HDMI cables.

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