Best Photography Product Releases of 2021 for you to buy in Sri Lanka

Created : 2022-Jan-31  |  Updated : 2022-Jan-31

Photography in 2021

2021 was a year filled with a lot of new releases, surprises for the photo fanatics around the globe. Be it a Camera, Drone, Lens the year was full of brand new high quality product releases. So let’s find out what are the 8 must see products from 2021. Majority of the products are already available at CameraLK but some of them are not yet here due to the delay in shipping which became an often arising issue since the emergence of corona pandemic.

Sony A1

Very early in the year 2021 Sony hit a home run by introducing Sony A1 which raised the bar for the term flagship camera to a new level in Photography. This ultimate alpha comes with a staggering 50.1MP Full Frame Exmor R BSI CMOS Sensor. And an 8 times more powerful next generation BIONZ XR image processing engine. Efficient sensor design and processing enables high-speed shooting up to 30 fps at full 50.1MP resolution, with full AF and AE capabilities, when working with an electronic shutter. When working with the mechanical shutter, speeds are still kept high at 10 fps. Also, a large buffer memory permits recording up to 238 compressed raw frames, or 400 JPEGs, in one single burst. For more info about the astonishing Sony A1 visit |

DJI Mavic 3

This is the biggest Aerial Photography release of 2021 without any doubts. A highly anticipated arrival which DJI users were eagerly waiting for finally released not in just 1 form but in 3. DJI Mavic 3 came in with 3 packs namely standard, fly more combo & cine premium combo. The drone also has dual cameras for a much better shooting experience. One being the 20mp main camera and the second being the 12mp telephoto camera. One of the key highlights of the Mavic 3 is the fly time which possess of 46 minutes. And also the Cine Premium combo has a 1TB built in storage which is a never before seen feature in DJI drones. For more details regarding the 3 packages simply visit |

3. Sony A7 IV 

One of the most popular mirrorless cameras in the market currently is the Sony A7 III. It’s the ultimate go to camera for majority of the Sri Lankan mirrorless users especially due to it’s price and the quality it brings to the table. But last year Sony announced it’s successor Sony A7 IV which is fair to say changed the whole landscape of mirrorless photography. A clear difference which the A7 IV brings compared to it’s predecessor is the improved 33MP image sensor. A7 IV also has a 3” fully articulated screen. For more details regarding the A7 IV just click |

4. DJI Air 2S 

DJI Air 2 was the undisputed king in DJI drone sales throughout 2021. But like an evil sibling which comes to challenge the hero Air 2S arrived and since then it has not been the same for Air 2 on the top. There are some points which Air 2 does edge out Air 2S but there are 2 critical areas which make people choose Air 2S over Air 2. The first one is the new 1 inch sensor which Air 2s has in it’s arsenal compared to the 1/2 inch chip of Air 2. The second point of advantage for Air 2S is the much improved obstacle avoidance feature. The reason for this improvement is the extra pair of avoidance sensors on top of the Air 2S drone. For much more info regarding the Air 2s visit |

5. Sony ZV-E10 

Vlogging is one of the most popular freelance activities which Sri Lankans do. And Sony who identified this particular market released a camera dedicated to it targeting the youth who are doing their own thing through content creation. This camera became an instant hit after it’s arrival and even though it has been some time since the official release it’s still going strong in the market. ZV-E10 is an Alpha camera that brings improved image quality, greater choice of lenses and increased control to up your creativity in content. When we look at the specs for this camera it has a 24.2MP APS-C Exmor CMOS sensor which enables UHD 4K Video recording up to 30p so if you are someone doing profession photography this is a good option for you as well. For more details regarding this Blogging camera go to |

6. GoPro Hero10

Action Cameras became a huge hit worldwide with the release of GoPro cameras back in 2004. Since then they have been consistently releasing new versions with more and more improved features and abilities. GoPro Hero9 was released back in 2020 and just like the previous versions it became a successful instalment. But in 2021 GoPro Hero10 was released meaning it’s obviously the end of the road for GoPro Hero9. Hero10 arrives with a brand new G2 chip for enhanced functions and features. This also has a 23MP Sensor compared to the 20MP sensor which Hero9 has. Also Hero10 has improved from 5K30 videos to 5K60 videos. For more of the specifications visit |

7. DJI Action 2 

GoPro is the leading Action Camera brand in the world and it never really had a viable competitor until recently when DJI decided to up their game in the Action Camera genre. DJI a company who are well know for drones released DJI Action in 2019, though it didn’t really become much of a competition for GoPro, last year DJI unveiled Action 2 which paved the way for an interesting battle in the Action photography market. Action 2 comes in 2 packages named Power Combo and Dual Screen combo. As the names suggest Power Combo comes with a power module which extends your runtime to up to 180 minute while the Dual Screen combo comes with a Front Touchscreen module. For more details regarding these 2 Action 2 modules all you have to do is just click |

8. DJI Osmo Mobile 5 

DJI Osmo mobile 5 is the newest member of the Mobile Gimbal family produced by DJI. Osmo Mobile is a worldwide hit among mobile content creators which paved the way for edition after edition to be a blockbuster attraction. Osmo Mobile 5 is no different, from it’s predecessor Osmo Mobile 4 to brought in quite a lot of new and smooth features such as Magnetic Phone Clamp with a much stronger torque, 8.5” extension rod and the latest tracking mechanism of DJI ActiveTrack 4.0. You can find out more details regarding Osmo Mobile 5 by just visiting |